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Ask All Your Questions Here / winnings processing
« on: January 22, 2018, 11:30:20 AM »
hello admin, I have won my bet since yesterday but in my nairabet account still pending has opened bet. plz what's causing the delay to processing my winning. plz help find solution to it. nairabet username; aragbs4real05

admin please kindly credit my bank account i paid out on the 23-3-2014 pay me 24500.:::thx 

hello nairabet i pay out 24500 since on sunday 23-03-2014 and you people haven't credit my bank account still please u have to resolve this issue b4 2mao morning as i need the money urgently 

punter avoid nairabet's agent and the naira site it self they couldnt find way to resolve my 10000 they worked in hand with there so called olayuiwola ademola to run away with my money they keep avoiding my calls the so called olayiwola ademola switched off is mobile line..and i know am not the only victim.....they are all thief and see this as another way of defrauding people,they re-edited his  name as not part of there agent when they got complaints an start to delete every of our post!be warn and alert to me i will fight for my money cos i worked for and i collect in cash i paid i go to there company with police and my lawyer and they most to provide there so called agent i have no business with the agent i have issue with nairabet....

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