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Frequently Asked Questions About
« on: February 05, 2009, 01:16:44 PM »
Here are the answers to the most asked questions about

What Is All About? is Nigeria's first football bookmakers. If you are hearing about
the term bookmakers (bookies for short) for the first time, they are
organizations or a person that takes bets and pays winnings depending upon

It's all about trading on the results of football matches. There IS ALWAYS
money to be won on ALL the outcome of football matches. You don't even
have to predict the exact scoreline. Just a home win, draw or away win
will do.

Each match and outcome have their own prices (called odds). You will have
a relatively small money to be won if you bet on a BIG team to beat a small
team but there will be high returns if you back the smaller teams to win or
to draw.

How Can I Start?

Visit and sign up for free. You can then fund your
account in Naira according to the instructions in the members area. Credit
your account with the amount you paid. You can start betting immediately.

How Will I Get My Money If I Win?

Simple. There is a place in the members area where you will submit your
bank details. Anytime you feel like withdrawing from your balance, just click
on "Withdrawal Request" and enter the amount.

The admin will approve and your money will be deposited into your account
in less than 2 working days.

I Have Registered At NairaBet. How Do I Place My Bet?

After registration, your balance will read zero point zero.  ;D That means
you have to fund your account with some money.

What Is The Minimum Amount I Can Deposit?

As I type this, we have not set a minimum or maximum amount so you
can deposit as you like.  ;)

What Is The Maximum Amount I Can Win?

The maximum payout on bet wins, is restricted to One Million Naira.
Bet wins exceeding this amount would be cut down to the limit.

What Is The Minimum Amount I Can Withdraw?

The minimum amount you can withdraw is N1,000

What Is The Maximum Amount I Can Withdraw?

You can withdraw to a limit of Five Hundred Thousand Naira at a time.

What Is The Meaning Of 1, X and 2?

The teams listed first is 1, the second listed is 2 and draw
is X.

Let me give an example.

                                    1         X         2  
Barcelona V Man Utd       2.2        3.0      2.2

This means the price on Barcelona to win (first team listed first) is 2.2

Man Utd to win (second team to be listed) is also 2.2

A draw is priced at 3.0

I Have Funded My Account. How Do I Place Bets?

After your account is funded, log into your account and start
staking. If you want to choose just a single match, click on
Add To Slip beside it.

Wait for the page to reload and you will see at the top right
hand side that says "You have 1 match(es) in your Bet pool"

If you want to add more matches like I explained yesterday, click
on Add To Slip and wait for the page to reload.

Please note that the matches listed when you log in are the
next few matches coming up that day. Take a look at the left
hand side and you will see a list of countries and competitions.

If you want to stake on the English Premiership for instance,
take a look at United Kingdom. If you want to stake on the UEFA
Champions League, choose International Clubs and so on.

My point is, the matches listed when you log in are not the
only matches available.


When you have chosen your matches, you can then click on "Proceed
To Bet". Wait for the page to reload and it will list the matches
you chose.

Its time for you to choose maybe 1 or X or 2. If it is an
accumulator, remember to check the boxes on the right hand side.

You then Place Bet. It will take you to a page where it
summarizes your bets and what you are going to win. You then
click Enter Bet.

That is that.

If you win, your account will be credited within 10 to 15

I Have Deposited Money But I Want To Withdraw It Back

You cannot withdraw money from your account unless you turn it
round by placing bets. You just cant depost and withdraw. You
deposit, bet and then withdraw.

What Is The Meaning Of Accumulator?

Accumulator means adding matches for potential higher returns.

For example if Man Utd to beat Chelsea is priced at 2.0 and Everton
to beat Arsenal is priced at 3.0, you can add (accumulate) the 2
matches. Your potential returns will be 2.0 time 3.0 which is 6.

The downside is that once one result goes wrong, your accumulator
goes wrong.

I Can See A Referall Code In My Account. What Does It Mean?

The referall program has been suspended indefinitely.

Can I own or operate more than one account?

No. Each member is entitled to just one account. If at any point we find
out that any one individual is operating or has access to more than one account,
we reserve the right to close such related accounts without notice.

PS: More Questions And Answers Are Being Added Regularly!
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