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Basketball Betting Explained


NairaBet Admin:
Types of Basketball Bets

NairaBet offers the following basketball bet types:

* Outright Winner(1:2): Here you predict which team will win the game (Overtime scores are included). The odds associated with each team determine the amount a bet on either team wins. For example: For a match between Miami Heat(1.11) and New York Knicks (4.55), if you place 100Naira on Heat to win, your returns would be 111, if they have an outright win.
* Over/Under Betting: This involves wagering on how many total points will be scored in a game.
NairaBet sets a point (e.g Under/Over 182.5 points) and you wager on whether there will be more(183 or greater) points or fewer(182 or less) points scored in the game (Overtime scores are considered).
* Additional bet types may be offered during live betting.

Basketball Betting Tips

Home vs Away Games – Where the game is being played matters quite a bit in basketball.  The fans play a roll in the game and it’s important to keep in mind if a team is at home or away before placing a bet.

Streaks – Basketball seems to be more of a streaky sport than most others.  When a team is firing on all cylinders they feel like they can’t lose and when things aren’t going their way it feels like they can’t hit a shot.  You should include streaks in your basketball betting strategy.

Be Patient – Keep your eye out for sharp bets, but don’t feel like you have to bet on every basketball game taking place on a given day.  Betting on every game is a recipe for loss.

Get Tips – There are many resources online that offer betting tips. Search for those with great ratings to help you get some ideas of your own.

Good Luck

Please if a bet is placed over or under 160.5 in a basket ball game, is the overtime score not included in the final result of the bet? Or just the regular time alone.


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